Motivation and appreciation is the key to encourage children to do better and better.

Students in the Pre Primary classes are in the initial formative years before their formal schooling. The encouragement in the form of special certificates like student of the month, cute child, most obedient child, star child motivates and inspire children. Regular motivation in the form of smiles, stars and achievement certificates is an ongoing process. The small attractive gifts are something which every tiny tot of pre primary looks forward to have from their teacher.

The student who shows exemplary performance in academics, sports ,co curricular activity ,personality and is an all rounder in the true sense is eligible for student of the month award.

Appreciation Day is celebrated each year to acknowledge and facilitate the efforts undertaken by the child in the entire session. Various platforms are provided to the children throughout the year to showcase their latent talents. Gurukulites participates in variety of intra-class, interclass and inter house activities. Although the parameters to award the child are countless yet the school broadly classifies it in the following categories where any child who fulfills the minimum criterion becomes eligible for the award. This number may be more than one in a particular category.

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