Jaitpur Road, Kashipur,
Udham Singh Nagar,
Uttarakhand, India - 244713

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©2018 by The Gurukul Foundation School, Kashipur. 

A Vibrant Learning Environment


The Gurukul provides students with a creative and comfortable learning atmosphere. Located in Kashipur, our school has been shaping students’ minds since 2000. We are privileged to teach over 700 students with our outstanding a staff of over 150, all eager to pass on their knowledge and experience. Contact us today to start reshaping your life.


A dream come true...

It was always a dream of our beloved Rev. Late Sh. P. L. Kapoor ji to provide quality education which instills in students values to be good human beings and to give the child a strong foundation early in life and a personality brimming with confidence and qualities of leadership; which makes him really Indian, truly modern and deeply human. In the endeavour to fulfill his dream, The Gurukul is a step in that direction.


The Gurukul system of education emphasizes on qualities such as ‘simple living’, ‘discipline’, ‘loyalty and dutiful’ and ‘quest for learning’. The objective behind naming the school, ‘Gurukul’ was to impart education using the most modern methods of teaching while laying importance on our culture and values, making it a ‘Temple of Learning’.The logo, the bell was chosen after a lot of thought. Symbolically, the body of the bell represents ‘time’, the tongue of the bell represents ‘Goddess Sarawati’, the Goddess of Learning and the handle represents ‘Prana Shakti’. Since Gurukul emphasizes on ‘time management’ and the ‘importance of knowledge’; the bell represents the school and all the values it stands for.


The school aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to giving your child ‘TOTAL EDUCATION’, imparting human and moral values and nurturing his in born talents’; through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body; Because we believe that education is not for the mind, but also for the spirit within.


The Gurukul is a joint initiative of The Gurukul Foundation Society (TGFS) and Shri Educare Limited (SEL) for providing world class education to children.Shri Educare Limited, established in 2008, aims to combine the pedagogical strengths of
The Shri Ram School and the internal IT strength to support and develop quality educational establishments in the K-12 sector across India and abroad.

SEL is engaged in establishing, running and managing educational institutions in line with the firmly rooted values and principles of The Shri Ram Schools. SEL comes from the heritage of leaders and educationalists such as Sir Shri Ram, 

Dr Bharat Ram and Mrs. Manju Bharat Ram who have set up renowned institutions such as the Shri Ram College of Commerce, Lady Shri Ram College and The Shri Ram Schools. The Gurukul Foundation School through its collaboration with Shri Educare Limited follows the teaching, learning, values and experience of The Shri Ram Schools.


Inspired by the strong words of Swami Vivekananda, “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet.” This institution of excellence provides a unique opportunity for all round development. We endeavour to see that our students acquire a broad range of skills, love of wisdom, tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others and basic values of truth and honesty. 'Temple of Learning' - The Gurukul has aspirations to make children good human beings to build a Responsible Generation for a New Nation and be a part in rebuilding India of Swamiji's dreams.

 Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,


I am happy to become a part of The Gurukul family and am touched by the warm welcome extended by the Chairman Sir, Director Ma’am, all my colleagues, students and parents.


While my background in teaching, training goes back to twenty two years yet I feel I am an ever evolving student. I am always looking to learn and create an environment which will nurture the needs of each student and staff member.


I would be my endeavor to lead the school using the ‘e3b equation’ which revolves around innovation.

Examine our current condition.

Explore opportunities to improve student experience in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Engage all the appropriate personnel in a consensus decision for improvement.


Benchmark the results with data using a pre-defined standard.

Looking at the near future I will encourage collaboration from the school community to enhance the infrastructure with the main focus on the teaching and learning environment. I will remain committed to the standards already in place but will steer them towards innovation leading to the success of our students and staff.

Ms. Anshu Kumar


Gurukul feels proud about the relationship it shares with its dear ‘Parents’. It is indeed a feather in the cap
and something to boast about the Parent-School-Child triangle that strengthens the bond. We emphasise and ensure good communication and understanding between home and school, as the relationship between the school and the parents as well as communication and positive interaction is crucial for the child’s success. Considering ourselves as partners with parents in the education of our children, we believe that regular and meaningful communication is necessary. 



An enterprising gentleman, a pioneer in agriculture, who was chosen by the Govt. of India for International Farm Youth Exchange Programme organised in United States of America to bridge the cultural gap between the two largest democracies. He has served as the President of Rotary Club, Kashipur and honoured with 'Most distinguished President' and 'Rotary Rattan' award for his selfless contribution to society. A visionary in his own right, Sh. Prem Kapoor brings along with him the experience as a mentor and a guide to Gurukul.


The Group Vice-Chairman and Head Global ventures – Jindal Steel and Power Limited,who has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, India International Award, IIM Platinum Medal by the Indian Institute of Metals for his invaluable contribution to the Indian Steel Industry. His career includes being the Chairman of Indian Iron and Steel Company Limited and a Senior Board Member of SAIL. A keen sports enthusiast, a voracious reader of wide-ranging interests, a gentleman also known for his warm and humane personality. He brings to Gurukul, leadership and management to give a vision to the school.


Graduated from Delhi University, She has been actively involved in Social Service Projects and upliftment of the society. Having been the President of the International Inner Wheel Club, she undertook various social projects for humanity. Her vision for excellence is her driving force, she believes that the process of education is never ending and that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Having studied at prestigious institutions St. Joseph's College, Nainital and Delhi University gave him the exposure as well as made him a responsible, caring and a zealous individual, adding his personal touch to everything he does. An avid reader with passion for knowledge, established The Gurukul with the aim to provide all round quality value based education to students. Having run it successfully for 8 years, in pursuit of further excellence, decided to collaborate with Shri Educare Limited to have the teaching practices and experiences of The Shri Ram Schools, Delhi. He believes, 'Every child deserves the best'!


Having studied B.Com(Hons.) from Banaras Hindu University, Special training in Child Guidance and Counselling, honoured with the Henry Gizzenbear Fellowship by Indian Jaycees and recipient of the Outstanding Officer of the zone for Jalandhar Girls Junior Chamber. Vandana Sondhi's love for children to help them become good human beings has been her driving force for the past 20 years.She brings her excellent credentials and redefined understanding of child psychology to Gurukul.


Studied B.Com (Hons.) at Banaras Hindu University, a Gold Medalist, honoured by the President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, degree in French language and a Master's in Education. Having headed Gurukul for 8 years, she has made her mark as a forward thinking educationist with her exemplary work by incorporating contemporary methods of teaching – both as a teacher and a trainer for teachers. Her boundless stamina for new learning techniques has become her trademark. “If you can breathe then you can learn” – are the words she lives by.