Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any query, kindly call on 8193030303 , 9639974422 during school hours. Your problem will be addressed and in case the person concerned is busy; you will get a revert within a few hours.
Kindly do not ASK for the teacher’s number OR make a phone call to the teacher after school hours! It is her personal time and we need to respect it!
During any disease such as chickenpox, high fever, conjunctivitis (pink eye), jaundice etc, kindly DO NOT SEND YOUR WARD TO SCHOOL, let him/her take rest at home. Only once the doctor has given a fitness certificate can the child be sent to school. School work that your ward has missed will be photocopied and sent with a day or two of your ward joining school. The photocopying cost will be added to your wards fee. In case you do not wish to receive any photocopies of the missed work, kindly inform the class teacher through a note in the dairy!
If your ward has missed any cycle test, it will not be conducted again. In case your ward is ill and a medical certificate from a certified doctor is attached an average grade for the missed exam will be given.
Work missed by your ward during his/ her absence will be done by the students during their activity lessons or the parent can come to school (after taking prior appointment with the class teacher) OR during walk in time and make a note of all the missed and incomplete work (if the child has been absent for a long time). No child will be allowed to take the notebook/book of any other child home for completing work, as it is against school policy.
Everyday fun work is being updated on Shri Connect Parent Portal. In case your ward is absent kindly check it on the portal. If you are unable to access the portal, kindly inform the class teacher through school almanac.
Kindly fill the relevant pages of your ward’s Almanac/ Diary. In case of any changes in the address or contact number, kindly inform the class teacher through School Almanac.
The purpose of giving fun work is to revise the taught concepts at home therefore please let your ward do the fun work independently! You may only help him/her if the child faces any difficulty and requires some assistance.
Kindly do not send any junk food such as maggie, chips, kurkure etc in your ward’s lunch box.
On the day of your wards birthday, the child is allowed to distribute only toffees to all!
Kindly avoid sending cash money as fee in your ward’s bag, a cheque can be sent in place of cash money in a sealed envelope with your ward’s details on it.
as shared during parent orientation
School has started issuing circulars in both languages English and Hindi, therefore kindly read all the circulars carefully as a lot of important information is sent on it for your benefit!
For any transport related queries kindly get in touch with Mr. Ravi Sharma / Mr. Abdul. Parents are requested to ensure that students should be ready prior 5-10 minutes of pickup. In case of change (permanent or temporary) in pickup or drop location parents need to inform the school with a written application to admin in-charge two days in advance. Written application to be provided by the parents to the school in case of parents are not available to receive the student from the school. The application should contain the details of the authorized person who is assigned with the responsibility of receiving the ward. School will also verify such changes through call. In case of leave, parent should inform the school well in advance.
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