Highlights of the school

In its endeavour of giving the students the best, the school partnered with the following:

  1. Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy: Help children develop essential life skills and explore their creative side through developmental drama programs while providing them with the necessary life skills to prepare them for life after school. They are the world’s foremost provider of developmental drama programs for children aged between 3 and 17 years of age in over 25 countries worldwide.
  2. ShiamakDavar Institute of Performing Arts: Assist the students in honing their dance skills by organizing workshops held by the best trainers in the country.
  3. Educomp Smart Classes: The school emphasizes on learning with the help of audio visual aids in order to stimulate the young minds to think and understand better.
  4. NIIT Academy: In a world full of technology, to make the students more adept at taking on the world, the school partnered with NIIT Academy to teach student computers.
  5. EduSports Academy: Sports play an integral role in the all-round development of students.
  6. School Cinema: The need of education today is to instill in students values and righteousness in order to make them good human beings. The school has linked with School Cinema to provide Value Education to the students with the help of Audio Visual Aids
  7. Specialized Laboratories: The school has designed laboratories for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, and Social Sciences to assist in the growth and development of students and instill in them the idea of experimentation.

The school organizes multiple events, the highlights of which are:

  1. Swach Bharat Abhiyan: The students annuallyunder take a cleanliness drive with a sequence of activities as in accordance to the nation-wide Swatch Bharat Cleanliness Campaign launched by Prime Minister on 2nd October, 2014. The students have takenthe a pledge to clean their school, homes, public places and surroundings.
  2. Science about Toys: We all know how creative the Gurukul Super Kids are, so what other platform cold have been better than unleashing their creativity by involving them in scientific skills. The young scientists of Gurukul designed innovative toys in the event and presented them to the parents and visitors
  3. MAD about Technology at New Delhi: The students participated in the MAD about Technology Fair at The Gurukul Foundation School, New Delhi. They got an opportunity to interact with their peers studying at TSRS, New Delhi as well got an insight into to the latest developments in the field of technology.
  4. Vinamra Life Skill Lab: With the aim of making the students of Gurukul, great leaders of tomorrow! We launched the Vinamra Life Skill Lab, held by Mrs Vasudha Kapoor (Director) herself, these classes focus on integral aspects of personal growth. With activities such as retrospection, group discussions, pitching ideas as well as mentorship; the students not only become more confident, improve their articulation but also get to know themselves better.
  5. Gurukul Protsahan: Gurukul believes strongly in the empowerment of women and therefore late last year, the school started Gurukul Protsahan; an initiative to promote education for the girl child in India. The school will begin classes for girls who aren’t well off, to educate them and provide them with opportunities to develop skills for a brighter future.
  6. Gurukul Vatika: In order to ensure all round development of students, the school launched Gurukul Vatika - after school classes and activities for the students. The idea is to give the students an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and sports to broaden their knowledge and discover hidden talents.
  7. Ability Unlimited: Gurukul has always believed in Corporate Social Responsibility and working towards the upliftment of the society. The school invited Ability Unlimited, an NGO effectively making persons with disabilities (PWD) to lead independent and innovative lives by recognizing and nurturing their talents through innovative therapeutic education under Guruji Syed Sallauddin Pasha. AUF’s performances are internationally acclaimed, performed on Amir Khan’s Satya Mev Jayate and have won Guinness World Record and Limca Book of World Records. It was truly a moment of pride of Gurukul and Kashipur!


Gurukul feels proud about the relationship it shares with its dear ‘Parents’. It is indeed a feather in the capand something to boast about the Parent-School-Child triangle that strengthens the bond. We emphasise and ensure good communication and understanding between home and school, as the relationship between the school and the parents as well as communication and positive interaction is crucial for the child’s success. Considering ourselves as partners with parents in the education of our children, we believe that regular and meaningful communication is necessary.

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