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Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,
I am happy to become a part of The Gurukul family and am touched by the warm welcome extended by the Chairman Sir, Director Ma’am, all my colleagues, students and parents.
While my background in teaching, training goes back to twenty two years yet I feel I am an ever evolving student. I am always looking to learn and create an environment which will nurture the needs of each student and staff member.
I would be my endeavor to lead the school using the ‘e3b equation’ which revolves around innovation.

  • Examine our current condition.
  • Explore opportunities to improve student experience in academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • Engage all the appropriate personnel in a consensus decision for improvement.

Benchmark the results with data using a pre-defined standard.Looking at the near future I will encourage collaboration from the school community to enhance the infrastructure with the main focus on the teaching and learning environment. I will remain committed to the standards already in place but will steer them towards innovation leading to the success of our students and staff.


Mrs. Anshu Kumar

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