Senior School

Making your kids ready to face real challenges

Whether it is intellectual, physical, or emotional growth, we focus on everything while your kids are in their senior school. This is the stage that will decide the future of your kids. So, we promote a compelling study along with other programs to let your kids enjoy the things they love a lot.

International Competitions

With our vast connections, we keep organizing several competitions in each domain to ensure your kids get good exposure to the outer world. This encourages self-esteem and self-confidence in your kids so that they can become ready to take significant steps further in their lives.

Expert faculty

We have the most professional teaching staff to handle all the subjects in the senior secondary classes. The Gurukul Foundation School uses advanced methodologies to promote active learning in the kids. Also, we encourage social, interaction, interpersonal, and other crucial skills in your kids with the support of expert teaching staff.

Letting your kids explore their strengths

We are using interactive teaching solutions to make your kids dive deeper into their core capabilities and understand how to utilize them. Whether it is the study or any other field, our expert staff is always there to support your kids wisely.

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